EvFor's Revenue Model Based On Blockchain

Investment Plans, Based On Blockchain Govern By Smart Contract .

Investment Plans


Investment 100 BUSD

For Initial Start


Investment 500 BUSD

For Beginners


Investment 1000 BUSD

For Investers


Investment 2000 BUSD

For Experts


Investment 5000 BUSD

For Leaders

Not sure which plan is right for you? We can help Send Message @Evfor

All Plan Included

ROI Immediate Start

ROI Start Immediately After Joining any Plan as Per Your Plan.

Level Income Auto Transfer

All Level Income Transfer Immediately After Join Your Under Member.

ROI Calculate Every Minute

ROI Calculate Every Minute and Withdraw Any Time

Upgrade Any Time

Upgrade Plan Any Time. No Time Lock

No Limit For Direct Referrer

Referrer Any Number Of Direct Member Under your Referral Id

Earn EVFOR Token

Every Plan Have EVFOR Token As Per Plan

Revenue Model

Revenue Streams in Evfor green energy

Investing in Evfor is about putting your money into plans using energy generated from natural sources. We help our clients become more efficient, safe and sustainable in investing on several energy plants.


Evfor's Vision

Evfor is planning to establish power plants in future 1000+ MW to generate electricity from green energy. We help our clients become more efficient, safe and sustainable in investing on several energy plants. This includes a wide range of consulting services, in particular on green energy. Renewable energy will continue to rise in the upcoming decade, edging out fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Featured In

The Gigantic Future In Green Energy.

Our Green Energy business is focused on converting green energy resources into electricity for industrial process and sharing reward in the form of decentralized revenue sharing model

Based On Blockchain

Block chain decentralized structure generate trust and security and privacy. 

Govern By Smart Contract

Transparent smart contract make project robust and create safe and secure environment

Backed By Binance Smart Chain

EvFor is based on Binance Smart Chain which is the Largest exchange in the world in terms of daily trading volume of crypto

Got questions? Well, we've got all the answers

What is EvFor?

Evfor is a leading green energy company that is dedicated to providing clean, renewable energy solutions to businesses and households around the world.

How will EvFor get Revenue ?

Evfor Will Sell Electricity To Utility Companies, Power Grids, Other
Businesses, Or Directly To Consumers.

How EvFor Distribute Revenue to Investors ?

EvFor Will Distribute it’s Revenue to All Active Plan Members As Per Their Plan By DAO Governance.

Which Blockchain Technology Used By EvFor ?

EvFor Use Binance Smart Chain.

Which Payment Method Used By EvFor ?

Currently EvFor Uses BUSD Stable Coin In And Out.

Is My Investment Safe ?

Yes, Your Money Is 100% Safe And Secure Via Smart Contract And You Can Withdraw Your Fund Any Time.

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